Notarization By Video Conference–Executive Order 202.7

Pursuant to New York Executive Order 202.7, notarial acts in New York may be performed by video conference through April 18, 2020.  In order to be valid, the following requirements must be satisfied:

  1.  If the signatory is not known to the notary, valid identification must be presented in a live  video conference (emailing ID before or after is not sufficient).
  2. The signatory must affirmatively represent that he or she is located in the state of New York at the time of the signing.
  3. A legible copy of the signed document must be sent on the same date of the signature.
  4. The notary may notarize and return the document to the signatory.
  5. The notary may repeat the notarization of the original signed document as of the date of original signature provided the notary receives the original and the electronically notarized copy within 30 days of the original signature.

Here is a link to the Executive Order:

Executive Order 202.7


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